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Teachers & students of all ages LOVE the Constitution Quest Game!

Listen to what this teacher has to say!

In our quest to promote and empower literate, informed, and actively engaged citizens, Cognitive Square, Inc. produces and delivers effective, high-quality educational materials based on proven strategies that enhance and that maximize learning for all ages.


You'll love watching this 90-second video overview below,

while 3 inter-generational families play Constitution Quest!


The Constitution Quest Game is FUN. EASY. INCLUSIVE. VITAL!

It’s a FUN & EASY way to LEARN the Constitution, as evidenced by reviews from students, teachers, and families since 2011.

It’s INCLUSIVE because it's nonpartisan and beneficial for young, old, novice, or expert, citizens and those desiring to be so.

It’s VITAL because a population that understands the fundamentals of its self-government governs best.

So, raise the Constitutional IQs of those you know and love. Teach/review the Constitution throughout the year with Constitution Quest!

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