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"...Constitution Quest stands out because it is fun and educational... My teen-aged daughter just finished studying American Government last semester, and she did not enjoy it one iota. But she enjoyed the game a lot, and whenever she missed a question, I was delighted to see her pull out the constitution to check the answer. She showed more interest in the Constitution playing this game than she had the entire semester!

Heather Jackowitz, Senior Product Reviewer @ The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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Constitution Quest - Educational and Fun!

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Play at home or in the classroom! 

Preview of a few of the fun game cards! 

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Rule sets included for both easier and more complex versions of play! Now, young players (7+) and adults of all ages can enjoy Constitution Quest together!

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An Educational Board Game...

Scholars agree...the American-made Constitution Quest Game is the most fun and easy way for families to LEARN and REMEMBER the U.S. Constitution!

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