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"I passed my AP Government Exam because of your game. I saw the colorful board in my brain, and I remembered all the Articles and Amendments in the Constitution from the game cards. During the test, I felt so confident as I answered the multiple choice questions and completed the essay portion of the test! It's fun, and you learn, because it's a game."

Game review by Bethany B.

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Constitution Quest - Why Play The Game?

"A well-instructed people alone can be permanently a free people." –James Madison

Constitution Quest is helping people of all ages to learn the U.S. Constitution at home or in the classroom. Constitutional scholars have endorsed Game. Students claim Constitution Quest has helped them to confidently pass their government exams!

Kids who might not sit still to read the Constitution do sit down to play the Constitution Quest Game with Grandpa and Grandma...because it's a game! What better way to pass along your love for the US Constitution to the next generation?

This beautiful, eye-catching, American-made game, is high-quality and nonpartisan. 223 game cards filled with constitutional information, including:

- 3 branches of government

- Powers granted and denied

- Checks and balances

- Laws from the Articles

- The Bill of Rights and other Amendments

- Historical facts and dates

Play in less than an hour

The Constitution Quest Game is the most fun and easy way to LEARN and REMEMBER the U.S. Constitution. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to teach the text of the U.S. Constitution in a highly- engaging and very effective way.

Includes a complementary copy of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence

It covers ALL the articles and amendments in the US Constitution, with attention to all three branches of government, separation of powers, checks and balances, as well as key facts, dates and vocabulary.

You can play Constitution Quest without any prior knowledge, because the game was designed for children and adults to learn the Constitution as they play.

Great entertainment for adults and teens who want to learn the Constitution

Freedom is only one generation away from extinction, but you can save it with the most fun and easy way to rediscover the US Constitution: Constitution Quest.

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