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"My son is memorizing the whole U.S. Constitution this summer! He is almost finished. Constitution Quest helped him truly understand all he has memorized. Thank you for creating this board game. I highly recommend it to everyone."–Heidi Bond, July 19, 2016 (Nathan is 10 years-old! Be sure to click on the arrow, below.) 

UPDATE: He did it...This young man memorized the ENTIRE U.S. Constitution!! Click on this image above, to see the entire 25 min. recitation of the U.S. Constitution by Nathan Bond, 10 years-old! His mom wrote, "I will be spreading the word about how Constitution Quest really helped Nathan understand the Constitution. I am so grateful we found out about Constitution Quest. It is Nathan's favorite game to play with his friends and family. Sincerely, Heidi Bond" August 29, 2016

Nathan has been making national headlines on FOX & CNN. He will be reciting the Constitution from memory at the National Archives in Washington D.C. on Constitution Day – 9/17/2016!

"Knowing and understanding the freedoms guaranteed by our United States Constitution are essential to the preservation of our republic.

'Constitution Quest' is a game for all times. It is an easy-to-play, exciting adventure into one of our most precious national treasures.

This game is a winner!"

- Robert W. Sweet, Jr.

Former Reagan White House Domestic Policy Staffer 

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Constitution Quest Reviews & Endorsements:
 "It is our pleasure to endorse Constitution Quest. Thank you for making our job easier. Our high school students 'knocked it out of the park' on the 2017 EOC (End-of-Course Exam), and 100% of our students, who were enrolled in AP Government placed in proficient and advanced on the EOC! Our students LOVE playing the Constitution Quest Game!"– L.Yates, M. Perkins, J. Whisnant, and M. Howell, West Plains High School, West Plains, Missouri

"The game can be played with as few as two people, but becomes an engaging constitutional party when you partner up into teams. However, Constitution Quest is not for students alone; the entire family will love to play this game. The fun starts before you even begin playing: Choose your game piece from 10 of the 39 signers of the Constitution. This is a great learning opportunity for everyone to learn more about the founders of our country. Try it on Family Game Night, or at your next celebration for the Fourth of July or another appropriate holiday. Students of basic government, average adults, even that one guy you know who is a civics genius – everyone will love exploring our U.S. Constitution in this fun game."

Classroom Reviews: Constitution Quest ~ Our Review
Game review by Ellen Meade     |     Click here for the full review

"Players will certainly become much more familiar with the U.S. Constitution by playing this game. While that makes it a fabulous tool to use in conjunction with a Government course, it is still enjoyable for play outside of a course. I played with adults one evening just for fun. All agreed that it was a great game. Some might be reluctant to play since it’s been years since they’ve read the Constitution. However, the chance elements built into the game dilute the natural advantage some players might have with prior knowledge. In fact, our first game was won by the person who probably was rustiest on her Constitutional knowledge! –Cathy Duffy Reviews"

Cathy Duffy Reviews: Constitution Quest ~ Our Review
Game review by Cathy Duffy     |     Click here for the full review

"The great thing is that you do not have to be a history whiz to win because the point of The Constitution Quest Game is to learn as you play. The game comes with 223 game cards, separated into five card deck categories; The Executive Branch, The Legislative Branch, The Judicial Branch, Founders & Facts, and the Quest Cards. The game cards cover content that players read aloud to each other in a test-taking multiple-choice format with various answer choices (except for the Quest cards which are true/false questions). They also integrated the element of chance to heighten the excitement while reinforcing the game. The game comes with an answer key, dice, and a scoring pad, but the treasure for any history buff will be the copy of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence that is included. For 2 to 10 players, you can even partner up, making the game more intense and fun. "

The Review Connection: Constitution Quest ~ Our Review
Game review by The Review Connection     |     Click here for the full review

"Are you and your family game players like we are? If so, I have a recommendation for you that needs to be put at the top of the list! We received this gorgeous box from Pam and David Barrett with Constitution Quest, with rich colors and high quality materials, and I squealed when I got it open! I am a HUGE sucker for a good educational game, but this one surpassed my expectations before even sitting down to play it! I could tell right off the bat that we were going to wear this one out."

Grace Tells Another Story: Constitution Quest ~ Our Review
Game review by Ellen Pool     |     Click here for the full review

"I passed my AP Government Exam because of your game. I saw the colorful board in my brain, and I remembered all the Articles and Amendments in the Constitution from the game cards. During the test, I felt so confident as I answered the multiple choice questions and completed the essay portion of the test! It's fun, and you learn, because it's a game."

Game review by Bethany B.

"From the first roll of the dice... we were honestly hooked!

Get in the Game: It's Constitution Day!
Game Review by "Tommy Mom"     |     Click here for the full review 

"The more people who know the Constitution, the better our country will be... It was the blueprint to our greatness, and I think sometimes we take it for granted and have let it get dusty. Now is the time to wipe it clean and shine the light on it."

San Diego Union Tribune: Educators Create Constitution Quest Board Game
Article by Jennifer Kabbany     |     Click here for the full article

"...Constitution Quest stands out because it is fun and educational... My teen-aged daughter just finished studying American Government last semester, and she did not enjoy it one iota. But she enjoyed the game a lot, and whenever she missed a question, I was delighted to see her pull out the constitution to check the answer. She showed more interest in the Constitution playing this game than she had the entire semester!

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine: Constitution Quest Review
Game review by Heather Jackowitz, Senior Product Reviewer     |     Click here for the full review 

The Constitution Quest is a fun way for adults and families to learn important facts about the Constitution, our form of limited government, and the unalienable rights we enjoy as citizens. My family plays it regularly and my children have learned more by playing it than by all of my lectures and writings. It is a double blessing to enjoy family time and engage the children on a subject so vital to their future happiness. Two thumbs way, way up!

Mike Holler 
National Speaker 
Author of The Constitution Made Easy

"Constitution Quest; you'll love that game! If you are a teacher, especially of American history or government, or 7th and 8th graders who are doing that trip to D.C...this may be the best preparation ever!

Hugh Hewitt
Professor of Constitutional Law and Radio Talk Show Host     |     Click here to learn more

The Blaze: What's your Constitutional IQ? This Popular Game is on a Mission to Teach 'Constitutional Literacy'

Click here to read more

An Educational Board Game...

Scholars agree...the American-made Constitution Quest Game is the most fun and easy way for families to LEARN and REMEMBER the U.S. Constitution!

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